Welcome to The Eliten Clan's KOC pages

The Eliten Clan was founded 1999 by Paera and Fyrsten. Below you can view their pics:


The Eliten Clan and their leaders have been involved in a lot of different activities spanning from fighting net war criminiality, helping people on IRC channels, to being a gaming alliance.

Currently we got members in the Top500 ranks of every game we are involved in, and some games even within Top100. The Eliten Clan is for special people with high qualities, and most people don't meet our high requirements. You will find information on how to apply for membership on this site.


The Eliten Clan was founded in 1999, and have always been based on friendship, teamwork and supports every member. "All for one, one for all" is our philosophy. We have been active in a lot of different games, and have been quite successfull. In Age 4 we brought The Eliten Clan into Kings of Chaos, and we are doing fairly well so far. Allthough we are small, we still had 5 players in the Top400. Our goals for Age 5 are higher and that is the reason that we decided to open for new members, and give them a good chance to reach Top500 (even better if you are dedicated and follow our advices).

About The Eliten Clan

The Eliten Clan is a neutral, peaceful alliance which consist of ethical and mature players who are in for the fun and friendship part, and also do their best to achieve good ranks. We appreciate players who want to get new friends, want to have fun and have a good time. 'Cause thats whats this game is all about, having a good time, having fun, get new friends and co-operate, help eachothers.

If you are loyal, friendly, mature and want to become a powerful skilled player, then you may apply for membership in The Eliten Clan.

We can offer you:

  • Team work
  • A friendly and inspiring community
  • Support and friendship
  • Protection against baddies.
  • Help with amassing a large, powerful army!
  • Help to stop farmers
  • Help against sabbers
  • Help against losers
  • Help recruiting officers for active members
  • Help against people who are bothering you
  • Guides and Tools to improve your skills and ranks
  • To join The Eliten Clan family (which is great!)

  • And best of all, if you are dedicated player, are good at communicating and got the right skills, you will have a farily good chance to make advancement within our clan and maybe someday become a council member. We like to give people a chance to show what they are made of, and if you are made of the right material, you would make advancement quite fast within our clan, as well as in KoC game.

    Unlike some alliances, we do support every member, and try to help as best as we can. This alliance is not only about helping the leaders to become big, we want every member to improve, climb ranks and become skillful and powerful players. And of course, we would like to become your friends.

    To join our ranks (The Eliten Clan Chain) you can choose between Alarik and Faiths. If you don't got an account, then please click recruitlink to join:

    Recruit Links:
    Elite_Alarik (High Council and Task supervisor)
    Elite_Faiths (High Council)

    If you already got an account, then please visit our pages and click the button "Make Elite_?????? my commander"

    Stats Pages:
    Elite_Alarik (High Council and Task supervisor)
    Elite_Faiths (High Council)

    When you have joined our chain, then please sign up on our forums http://www.eliten-clan.com/forum/ and post an application. You will find information on how to do that on our forums. And you may also write an in-game message to your chosen commander with any question and we will answer it and help you.

    Use the left menu to navigate. These sites are under rebuilding/construction, so please check back later if you don't find what you are looking for.